About Kjersti

My brilliant nephew & equally brilliant bride, Jon and Kristen at the Joselyn Art Museum in Omaha

Kjersti is an experienced, Award-Winning Officiant with over 100 Five-Star Reviews
(earned as Grand Avenue Wedding Officiants 2010-2020)


Hi!  I'm Kjersti  (pronounced Cheer stee)
I've  had the good fortune of bringing calm assurance, humor, great stories, and meaningful content to 100s of wonderful couples' wedding ceremonies.  I love my work and the couples I marry.

My Story
I had no idea I would be doing this kind of work until a month before I started.  I  had very little experience speaking in front of groups and it had not always gone well.  I just knew I was open to the possibility.  And with that, I began Grand Avenue Wedding Officiants with a friend... and with the hope that I could help couples begin their life together with greater understanding and live and love with more  awareness than I did.

As an officiant, my education, perspectives, experiences and background are uniquely suited to bring the energy, language and context necessary to provide you and your guests with a profound and enjoyable experience.

A Few Facts About Me:

  • Lived in OK, TX, CA, CO, MN (like people, each state has its own personality!)
  • 17 yrs coaching private clients (health & wellness, premarital, transformational) plus 10 yrs coaching UMN students in the Master of Arts in Integrative Health & Wellbeing Coaching program
  • Mother of 2 remarkable grown daughters
  • Experienced life-changing global travel (US, Mexico, India (my favorite!), England, France, Spain, Holland, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland)
  • My creative side is expressed through dancing and painting.  This is my most recent painting which was commissioned by a dear friend.     
  • I earned an MA in Theology (Fuller Theological Seminary - Pasadena, CA)
  • I am Certified as a Life Coach (CTI - SanRafael, CA) - click here to read about my coaching services.
  • I am Certified to Coach with the Enneagram (Enneagram in Business - MPLS)
It is an honor to be recognized by the Wedding Industry
(through my work as Grand Avenue Wedding Officiants)
Over 100 Five-Star Reviews on WeddingWire and The Knot
WeddingWire's COUPLES CHOICE AWARDS 2012 - 2021

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